Coach-123 Coaching Services

Resources for results include individual coaching, group coaching, and team coaching.


Individual Coaching Services

Ensure a good match between the coach and the client with three prospective coaches for each client. Coach-123 leverages our extensive network of trained and certified coaches all over the world with the relevant experience, expertise, and style to maximize the opportunity for success.


Team or Group Coaching Services

Team Coaching is working with a team on a shared objective. Group Coaching is working with individuals who have similar individual goals or focus.

Clarify your objectives: strategic planning, project planning or management, effective relationships, managing conflict, setting goals, change management, develop leaders, transitions, and more.

Coach-123 meets with sponsors, teams, and/or groups to determine objectives and approach, plus ensure the right coach or coaches are matched with the clients.


Coaching Program Services

Coaching Program Services include design, a manual with forms, management, evaluation, and change. Strategic combination of individual, group, and/or team coaching with internal and external coaches to move an organization forward. Coach-123 meets with organizations to explore options and develop an approach that best serves their objectives.

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